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Sneeze Guards and Sneeze Screens, UK Supplier

For Transaction Counter 

Also known as cough screens, this range of counter-top sneeze screen are fully transparent and made from a lightweight 5mm acrylic (plexiglass).  Designed to be free-standing on a trade counter or desktop, they meet the UK minimum height requirements for sneeze guards (which is higher than head height) when used as shown below. This is a simple but effective method to create a physical non-obtrusive barrier to protect your staff & customers from viruses (such as coronavirus).

Hanging Model

If your retail store layout doesn't facilitate counter-top sneeze guard screens, then our hanging cough screens may be your answer. 

For Service Counter

These portable Beauty Counter sneeze/cough guards are made from foam boards which are flooded with aluminium and equipped with a fully transparent window.

These sneeze guards have been particularly created for the likes of beauty salons where direct contact with customers occur.

Floor Standing and Portable Models

These pop-up vinyl sneeze guards don't rely on a countertop and yet still provide the required 'above head height' protection when positioned on the ground.

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4 Different Sneeze Screen Options - which is best for you?

Transaction Counter Screens

Key Features

Lightweight and requiring no attachment to surrounding fixtures, our portable transaction counter screens make a simple yet effective temporary barrier, that can be easily removed when the COVID-19 precautions are no longer needed.

  1. Includes small cutout to facilitate transactions
  2. The acrylic is lighter yet stronger than glass
  3. Ready to use in 30 seconds

Available Sizes:

Standard Widths: 60, 80, 100 & 120cm
Standard Heights: 60, 80 & 100cm
(Bespoke sizes available)

Lead time: 7-10 Working days

Service Counter Screens

Key Features

Just like our Transaction Counter Screens, these sneeze guards are lightweight, portable, and require no complex installation, and can be easily removed again at a later date.

Use these screens to help get your business remain open, yet in a safe manner.

  1. Includes 2 small cutouts for hands making service available with limited direct contact
  2. They are very durable, stable & lightweight
  3. Ready to use in 30 seconds

Available Size:

This style of the screen is available in one standard size: 70cm wide by 90cm high

Lead time: 7-10 Working days

Hanging Screen

Key Features

Made from a 3 mm acrylic, these hanging sneeze screens work great where fixing to the countertop is not an option, or where the ultimate height positioning control is required.

Hanging guards have the advantage of allowing you to control the size of the gap beneath, by simply adjusting the height you hang it.

  1. Fixings are available on request, you can add these to your order using the options above.
  2. Acrylic is lighter yet stronger than glass.


Available in one standard size: 1m x 1m Square (100x100cm)

Lead time: 7-10 Working days

Floor Standing Roller Banner Screens

Key Features

For a totally flexible and reposition-able sneeze screen option, try our floor standing clear roller banners.

Made from a transparent vinyl rather than acrylic and glass, this means that these retractable floor standing screens can be rolled up, retracting back into the base, for easy transportation and storage.

A totally portable, these are ideal for public places such as supermarkets, hair salons, restaurants, galleries, waiting rooms etc.

  1. Easy to clean with water, detergents or non-corrosive disinfectants
  2. Lightweight, Portable & easy to assemble


85cm wide by 200cm high
100cm wide by 200cm high

Lead time: 7-10 Working days

Should you have any questions, or high-volume sneeze guard/sneeze screen requirements, you can also contact us directly via email - Click here to Enquire Now!