Weatherproof Labels

We stock a broad range of weatherproof labels for challenging applications where the label needs to be resistant to outdoor weather wind and rain and also waterproof labels.

What Is The Difference Between Polyester And Polyethylene Weatherproof Labels? Matt White Polyester (MWP) labels and Matt White Polyethylene (MWPE) weatherproof labels are both waterproof labels for bottles that are suitable for a range of tough applications such as labelling chemicals, oil drums, containers, bottles, metal and surfaces exposed to the outdoor weather.

While these weatherproof labels are similar in their range of applications there are some subtle differences which can affect usage.  In order to understand how these differences affect the usage applications let’s take a look at some of the traits of these labels in our guide at the bottom of this page or our guide to popular types of weatherproof labels.

Quick Reference Guide to the 2 main types of weatherproof labels:

MWP: Less flexible weatherproof labels that offer good tear resistance and good weathering.  Not compatible with inkjet printing methods.

MWPE: Flexible label that is easier to handle than MWP thanks to its resistance to static.  MWPE labels conform to difficult shapes better than other waterproof labels and can be used with an inkjet printer.

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