Sheet Labels

Sheet labels have become an integral part of our lives at the office or at home during the recent lock downs. All over the UK our sheet labels are used in hospitals, warehouses, railway stations and showrooms as address labels, A4 sticky labels on sheets, weatherproof labels and freezer labels.

Talk to us about clear labels, coloured, fluorescent, metallic and white permanent labels which we stock or request samples by calling us on 0845 034 9313.

The Various Finishes On Sheet Labels:

  • Machine Coated Semi-Gloss Finish – The most popular paper finish for digital printing as the slightly glossy surface produces great quality printing results.
  • Matt Uncoated Finish – a common finish for paper sheet labels that tend to be multipurpose for example for Laser, Inkjet, Digital or Litho Printers.
  • Cast Coated Full Gloss – this is a high gloss finish for when projects demand higher standards of presentation. Mainly printed by laser methods but also inkjet material with glossy finish which is used for photo printing.
  • Coloured Or Textured Finishes – for more original or creative tasks; please see more about the available finishes on this link.