Parcel Labels

Our parcel labels are pre-printed with a wide variety of handy messages on the packaging sticker and packaging labels; for example, Heavy Package Label is a popular option among many others like Do Not Stack, This Way Up, Fragile, Glass and so on.

Need a package label or parcel sticker? Our pre-printed packing labels mean it is easy and quick for you to affix warning labels ensure that fragile goods get to the customer intact or that heavy goods are lifted correctly by two persons.

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Encompass carries a wide range of pre-printed labels to help with the correct labelling of packages including:

•    'Fragile' Labels

•    'This Side Up' Labels

•    'Documents Enclosed' Labels

•    'Glass Handle With Care' Labels

•    'Handle With Care' Packages

•    'Fragile Do Not Stack' Labels

•    'Fragile Keep Dry' Labels

•    'Heavy Goods' Labels

•    '2 Person Lift' Labels

•    'Max Weight (X)' Labels

Incorrectly labelled packages and parcels that are not labelled at all account for a high percentage of package damage in transport.