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Which Type Of Roll Labels Are You Looking For?

Below are the different types of roll labels we supply. This includes everything from printable labels such as thermal labels and Dymo, Toshiba TEC, Zebra and Seiko compatible labels to more specialist products such as Duotabs which are double-side stickers, a great alternative to glue dots.  The different ranges are detailed below:

Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer Roll Labels

Clear Roll Labels

Company Seal Roll Labels

Pre-Printed CLP Hazard & Parcel Warning Labels

Thermal Labels – These thermal printable roll labels are available from stock in a range of sizes.  We stock both direct thermal labels which are used with printers that print without the use of a ribbon and thermal transfer labels which are compatible with printers that use a ribbon to print.

Duotabs – As mentioned these roll labels are an alternative to glue dots and are a 22mm diameter clear sticker with a permanent adhesive on the underside and a removable adhesive on the top side.  Once the Duotabs are peeled away from the roll and applied to the required surface the backing from the other side of the Duotab can easily be removed using the dry finger lift tab.

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