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Removable Labels

A quick guide to Removable Labels

There has never been such a wide range of labels available with a variety of permanent and removable adhesives to choose from.  But what exactly is the point of removable labels? In this guide we’ll take a quick look at some of the main characteristics of removable or peelable labels.

Both permanent and removable labels are available in a range of finishes and materials and can be printed on, using laser, inkjet, digital, copier and lithographic printers.


Removable or Peelable Labels

The main purpose of having a removable adhesive is so that the label can be removed from a surface.  It isn’t so much about repositioning the label. They cannot normally be re-applied more than once.  The low tack adhesive on removable labels is specially formulated to create a secure bond while allowing the label to be removed at a later date and without leaving any adhesive residue behind.  It is a remarkable design feature of removable labels that they are able to be peeled off without tearing the label or damaging the surface they are stuck on.


There are literally hundreds of applications for peelable labels and some of the most common include: temporary equipment labels, inventory labels, coupons, clothing, furniture removals and much more. While these labels are removable they are not designed to be repositioned or reapplied once removed.

Specialist Removable Labels

As well as standard Multipurpose removable labels, Encompass also has available a range of specialist labels that can be made to order to suit your needs.  Some of these include coloured removable labels, A4 blank sheets as well as Static Cling labels which are designed to be used on glass and just simply cling to the surface.  Cling labels are a type of movable label which can be repositioned or reused.  

Other specialist peelable labels include polyester labels which are a weatherproof and synthetic label that can be used outdoors as well as with chemicals and in harsh environments.  At Encompass Labels we’re able to provide a full range of custom made specialist labels including both sheet and roll labels so please do get in touch to discuss your labelling needs on 0845 034 9313.