Packaging Tape

Choosing the right packing tape is vital to ensure that your parcel is secure, robust and fit for purpose.  The tape we supply is general purpose and can be used for temperatures between 15°C and 50°C. E-tape+ packing tape is supplied on 150m rolls, and can be either clear or buff colouring with 36 rolls in each box.

Benefits of E-tape+ are numerous:

  • Time saving – unique 150m length roll reduces roll changes and down time.
  • Space saving – 127% more tape on the same size roll. The rolls are the same diameter as standard 66m rolls, the smaller 2 inch core compensating for the extra length, so less storage space required
  • Environmentally friendly – 56% reduction in waste
  • Premium quality – Strong tape, high grab
  • Specially designed to provide maximum user benefits and exceptional value
  • Cost saving – More value for money than the 66m rolls. Less waste at each end of the roll
  • Well balanced and lightweight – a natural 1st choice
  • High performance – reliable industrial packaging tape for every requirement

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