Individually Packed Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test Kits (10 or 20 Kits)

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Many companies would like pre-packaged, individual covid test kits to hand out to their employees. Some families and individuals would also like a pre-packaged test to take away the guesswork and give a quick, easy, and reliable way to test for the covid-19 virus.

Hughes Healthcare has provided the perfect solution with individually packaged test kits. Encompass sells these in quantities of either 10 or 20 kits per order.

These are the same test kit as the Hughes Flowflex test kits, just individually packaged for ultimate convenience and hygiene.

They contain pre-filled tubes of buffer fluid for maximum convenience and are well-priced and require only nasal swabbing so are less invasive, yet just as effective, as other rapid tests, and give reliable results in about 15 minutes.

Hughes Healthcare Covid Tests

Each Individual Test Kit Includes:

These individually packed Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Antigen Rapid Test Kits are available in boxes of 10 or 20 individual tests. They provide a rapid chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of specific antigens to SARS-CoV-2 present along the mucosa wall on the inside of the nostril.

Test Kit Contents:

  • Test Cassette
  • Buffer Solution
  • Cotton Swab for the nasal sample

See also the illustration of the test kit contents.

Covid Test Kit Components - Pack Contents Image

For Sale From only £6.84 EXC VAT per test

Packed x20 per box Price 
1-4 Boxes of 20 Individual Test Kits £139.80 exc. VAT
5+ Boxes of 20 Individual Test Kits £136.80 exc. VAT


Packed x10 per box Price 
Boxes of 10 Individual Test Kits £74.00 exc. VAT

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John Kennedy
John Kennedy
09:27 22 Feb 22
I can’t recommend this company enough. I had a small issue and the boss rang me, that in itself made my problem go away... as the gesture was enough. Suffice go to say everything was handled properly and with common sense (quite a rare commodity) and more
Gregor McElvogue
Gregor McElvogue
14:17 28 Oct 21
Another supplier let me down by not delivering an urgent quantity of LF tests within the promised 2 business... days.Kirsty was able to save my bacon with an OVERNIGHT delivery to tide us over while we tracked down the original order.I think you can guess where my next major purchase is going to go. Highly recommended and endorsed.Plus the sweeties were much appreciated 🙂read more
Gary Sanderson
Gary Sanderson
10:54 09 Sep 21
Kirsty and her team are first class. Very helpful, great prices and I will defiantly use their services again ?
Tim Middleton
Tim Middleton
13:48 15 Jun 21
Covid-19 Rapid Lateral flow tests-Reasonable price, excellent product, speedy delivery, I will be buying again.
Ben Hardwick
Ben Hardwick
15:11 24 Feb 21
seem to sell a good range of covid rapid test kits to buy online & a handy website!
08:30 23 Feb 21
A reliable supplier of Covid-19 products. Glad to see the rapid covid test kits added. Can highly recommend from... previous experiences. Ask for Paul!!read more
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About Hughes Healthcare

The Hughes Group originally started in 2001 as a private family office.  Healthcare operations began in 2015 in neurology and in 2018 expanded into drug development and medical devices.

These included robotic medical devices for drug infusion in neuro oncology, modifying existing large molecule drugs into water soluble versions for infusion via catheters into the brainstem and diagnostic assays for viral antibodies and antigens.

We have engineered a mass human dual testing protocol to control and eradicate Covid-19. We supply the point of care test kits (both rapid antigen lateral flow and RT LAMP), qualified training for staff and crew (which isn’t complex but is helpful) and any other aspects of consultancy. Our protocol has received support, agreement and purchasing agreements from governments in the EU and elsewhere.

Hughes Covid Rapid Test Kits
rapid test kit includes

Are These Rapid COVID Tests Approved And Reliable?

A study using a total 605 nasal swab samples was conducted. Test results of the Hughes rapid antigen test were compared with a nucleic acid detection test. The diagnostic sensitivity and specificity of the test results are given as below:


  Positive Negative Total Clinical Performance
Positive 165 2 167 Sensitivity 97.1%
Negative 5 433 438 Specificity 99.5%
Total 170 435 605 Consistency 98.8%

You can view our blog to see a full comparison between 5 major test kit manufacturers.

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Instructions for Use of Rapid Lateral Flow Antigen COVID-19 Tests

A swab sample is collected from the nasal passage of the person being tested.

Step 1

The swab is then inserted into a bottle that contains 2 ml of lysis solution. The swab containing cell samples should be stirred well and pressed to the bottom of the bottle.

Step 2

The swab should be stirred well and the test cassette removed from the foil packaging.

Step 3

3-4 drops of sample are dripped onto the test card. The result will be shown within 15 minutes. 

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How does the Rapid Covid Test Process Work?

Hughes Rapid Lateral Flow Test Process