Hygienic, Mobile Portable, Warm Water & Soap Handwash Stations




Washing your hands with warm water & soap is proven to be the most hygienic way to wash your hands. Sanitiser Gel & Liquids are a great alternative when washing your hands with soap & water isn’t available or practical. 

These mobile handwash stations make washing your hands with soap & water possible in places where this facility isn’t currently available. They are a great choice for hospitals, businesses, schools, universities and many other organisations.

Great features about these hand wash stations are as follows…

  • It has an LED screen which guides users on how to use the handwash station
  • Touchless – No need to turn on the tap, these hygienic hand wash stations have hands-free soap & water functionality
  • The towel dispenser & bin are integrated in the station, keeping the area much more tidy & hygienic
  • Move the handwash station around easily with concealed wheels.
  • Tamper-proof lockable door

The handwash station is made from hygienic materials, the outer panels are antimicrobial wipe-clean.

There are 2 different sizes/types available…

Z1 Version – Technical Spec
Dimensions (HxWxD): 1550x460x480mm
Tap Height: 1065mm
Soap Dispenser Height: 1300mm
Power 13Amp/230VAC
Z2 Version – Technical Spec
Dimensions (HxWxD): 1414x450x401mm
Tap Height: 1075mm
Soap Dispenser Height: 1140mm
Power 13Amp/230VAC

Water-feed: Both of the above are available with either the facility to plumb-in the handwash station or to manually fill. The manual fill option provides 50 handwashes per fill.

These products have a 12 month warranty. Made in the UK

Additional information


Z1: 1550x460x480mm (Manual Fill), Z2: 1414x450x401mm (Manual Fill), Z1: 1550x460x480mm (Plumbed In), Z2: 1414x450x401mm (Plumbed In)


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