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Franking Labels

Whilst Encompass Labels does not sell the franking machines we do sell the Franking Labels. For many applications the franking machine will print directly on to the envelope. However, any item with increased thickness such as jiffy bags, boxes etc they will not fit through the machine. Therefore, a label is required. This can be run through the franking machine and then stuck to the parcel and posted out.

Franking Labels come in many different sizes with up to two labels on a sheet. Below is our range of franking labels which we hold in stock. They are compatible with a range of franking machines, suitable for a range of applications and provide space to personalise your mail.  The franking labels have quick drying properties making it easier to adhere the label straight onto envelopes. Some labels are recommended for certain machines but, in reality, most franking labels will be compatible with most machines. We offer free samples for you to test.

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