Sneeze Guards and Sneeze Screens, UK Supplier


For Transaction Counter

Also known as cough screens, this range of counter-top sneeze screen are fully transparent and made from a lightweight 5mm acrylic (plexiglass). Designed to be free-standing on a trade counter or desktop, they meet the UK minimum height requirements for sneeze guards (which is higher than head height) when used as shown below. This is a simple but effective method to create a physical non-obtrusive barrier to protect your staff & customers from viruses (such as coronavirus).

Hanging Model

If your retail store layout doesn’t facilitate counter-top sneeze guard screens, then our hanging cough screens may be your answer.

Floor Standing And Portable Models

These pop-up vinyl sneeze guards don’t rely on a countertop and yet still provide the required ‘above head height’ protection when positioned on the ground.

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