About Us

Company Mission Statement

Encompass are committed to giving our customers a good experience when visiting our website. If ‘convenience’ were not over-used then it would be the word to describe our mission. We want customers to find us easily, locate the product they want easily, order easily, pay easily and sit back and wait for the order to arrive on time. We also aim to provide a reliable & competitive supply and a full & comprehensive service to industry in any kind of self adhesive labels.

Our aim is to supply our customers with printable media that is suitable for both the print machines & the final application; whether it be waterproof, removable, fluorescent, clear, and many more; laser, digital or inkjet printable.

Our aim is to advise our customers on the best printing process & machine settings to ensure a first class finished product.

Our aim is to respond to our customers’ demands quickly.

Company Values

Encompass is operated on proven & upright business principles. We regard honesty, integrity & loyalty as the most important features in our relationships with our staff, customers & suppliers.

We care for our staff. We care for our customers. We care for our suppliers.